You have only one guarantee in life: your body will die. Because I Love You offers a gentle, spiritual approach to help you prepare for the inevitable, the death of the physical body. Knowing that your soul is infinite—rather than thinking of death as the finale, the end of everything—opens the door to a new consciousness. Read more

About Judy Herzog-Chmielarz

Judy Herzog-Chmielarz is passionate about helping people. Her desire to know and understand herself led her to participate in various self-discovery programs; then, given her nature and personality, they also became her means to help others. In 1988, she received certification as a Regression Therapist from the Arthur Ford Academy/Delphi University.

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Excerpt from the Book

My personal journey was the catalyst for writing this book. Some of you may wonder why I would encourage others to make arrangements for their death. I can hear your voices asking, who would want to think about this? What follows will give you some insight into my life and into what led me to write this book.
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Grief its not just about death. Traveling through stages of life can be challenging. If you or someone you know is trying to cope with:

  • Starting a new chapter in your life (empty nesters, divorce, new residence, marriage, college life and life after college)
  • Finding a way to accept and support a family member or friend’s sexual preference to transsexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, or lesbianism.
  • Dealing with physical limitations
  • Loss of a loved one (family, friend, pet)
  • Phobias –elevators, planes, water, etc.