About the Author

Judy Herzog-Chmielarz is passionate about helping people. Her desire to know and understand herself led her to participate in various self-discovery programs; then, given her nature and personality, they also became her means to help others. In 1988, she received certification as a Regression Therapist from the Arthur Ford Academy/Delphi University. In 2002, she attended the Grief Recovery Outreach Institute, and consequently became a Grief Educator. Judy has been a syndicated columnist for several local newspapers, has appeared as a guest on NBC South Florida Today Show, and occasionally co-hosts radio shows in the South Florida area.

During the 1970s, Judy, a natural innovator, worked in sales and marketing for major manufacturing companies while attending the Herbert Berghof Acting School in New York City. In 1978, she and her sister designed a line of 14k gold fingernail jewelry, which was sold throughout the United States to nail salons, jewelry stores, and department stores. Judy continued to pursue one of her passions, radio broadcasting, at the New York School of Broadcasting. She also attended Dean Junior College, Ohio State University, and Florida International University. In the mid 1980s, she was hired as Vice President of Marketing to represent the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and traveled throughout the United States and Canada working with other museums. Judy lives with her son in South Florida, where she is a practicing regression therapist, speaks publicly about grief education and preplanning arrangements, and is a preplanning arrangement consultant.

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