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84 pages

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About the Book

You have only one guarantee in life: your body will die. Because I Love You offers a gentle, spiritual approach to help you prepare for the inevitable, the death of the physical body. Knowing that your soul is infinite—rather than thinking of death as the finale, the end of everything—opens the door to a new consciousness. This new way of thinking, the concept of your soul’s continuation, will enable you to preplan your own arrangements, setting up your pre arranged funeral, so that your desires and wishes can be fulfilled. Making preparations for your death in advance can also protect your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions at a time when they are raw with grief. So have it your way—make your final decisions and funeral arrangements and spare your loved ones, because you love them.

Because I Love You presents a different approach to what is often very difficult to discuss, let alone accomplish: pre planning your own death and funeral arrangements. Yet taking this approach can prevent sibling rivalry, estranged relations, disputes, and legal actions that can be associated with a loved one’s passing. This book, in a loving and sometimes tastefully humorous way, constantly reminds you to expand your thinking, to understand that you are so much more than your physical body. The author offers simple meditation techniques that will make it easier for you to complete a brief, fill-in-the-blanks workbook to get you started on making those arrangements. Once you have made them, you will be rewarded by the feelings of relief and satisfaction that come from accomplishing a difficult task. And then, knowing your plans are in place and your loved ones are protected, you can get on with the joy of living your life.