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Because I Love You –Prepare For The Inevitable; Protect Your Loved Ones And Get On With The Joy Of Living!

We are not in control of dying and it’s never a good time to die. But what we are in control of is planning ahead and protecting loved ones, communicating our desires and sharing our thoughts years in advance. When we think of the outcome we get frightened- the fear of being alone, of the unknown, these are the exact reason why preparing and having conversations early is so important. Thinking about it seems overwhelming, but there are tools that can make the road easier. Knowing your plans are in place, and your loved ones are protected, allows you to get on with the joy of living.

Judy Chmielarz felt completely balanced and satisfied for the first time in her life when she married and had a child, but just 10 years later that charmed life was about to change. Her husband Abe was diagnosed with lung cancer. He passed away the following year. It took every ounce of Judy’s being just to make it through the day. Her 4 year old son just wanted to play and Judy wanted to be emotionally available to him. She attributes her ability to face that challenge through her personal views on death and dying. “How as a couple we prepared ourselves for this tragedy months in advance opened the door to many conversations that prevented guilt, should haves, and gave me peace in my heart once Abe died.”

Judy now presents this information to educate and protect other people from unnecessary guilt, regrets, and estrangements that she knows can be avoided. Judy received certification as a Past Life (Ro-Hun) Therapist and Medium from the Arthur Ford Academy/Delphi University. In 2002, she attended the Grief Recovery Outreach Institute, and consequently became certified as a Grief Educator. Judy is the author of “Because I Love You”-make your own arrangements and spare your loved ones.

Show Ideas
  • 24hrs To Live...What Would You Say…What Would You Do?
    How What You Say And Do Now, Can Benefit Someone Later. Prevent Guilt, Regrets, Should-Haves, And Create Memories.
  • Become Fearless In The Face Of Confrontation: How To Understand From Your Partner’s Perspective.
  • How To Confront Your Medical Professionals: Be Your Own Advocate.
  • How To Write Pregnancy Memoirs: For Expecting Parents. Past Life Regression Shows the Importance of Being Connected to the Child Within
  • Jealousy & Greed- Not In Our Family! – How To Prevent Family Estrangements After A Loved One Dies
  • Why Are You So Afraid? The Power Of Taboo Subjects & How They Negatively Affect Our Lives
  • Everybody Grieves Differently & It’s Not Just About Death & Dying: How Your Words Can Benefit Or Hurt A Grieving Person
  • Why Haven’t You Met Your Ideal Mate? How To Attract Your Ideal Partner

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