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Why do you keep attracting the same people and circumstances into your life? Do you feel a lack of respect from family, friends, co-workers, and your boss? When is it your turn for happiness? Learn how you are in charge of changing your patterns, so you can move in the direction of your dreams. Judy is certified as a medium/intuitive reader, in *past life regression, as a grief educator, and a published author. An expert in her field she is often a guest for radio and television shows.

For Your Benefit:

Judy is “encouraging clients to walk while they talk.” This allows a client to benefit in more ways than one. Judy meets her client’s at their office, the neighborhood park, or their home* and walks along side her client’s while conducting a session. The walking intuitive session is 30 mins. and can be combined with a meditation after the walk.

For Your Convenience:

Judy offers: intuitive readings, *past life regression, and individual and group meditation (tools to help you become mindful and in the present moment)
Certain Services offered in the comfort of your office, by phone, skype, in her office, or your home (under certain circumstances).

To learn more call Judy 954-520-9485 for a FREE consultation or by email:

Having a Party:

Be the hostess of an event people will be inspired, enlightened, and walk away from feeling good. A positive experience they will be talking about after the event is over. Judy will come to your event and offer mini intuitive readings for your guests.

24hrs to live….what would you say….what would you do….

It’s never a good time to think about death. Finding a way to express our feelings to loved ones can be emotional and uncomfortable for many, thus we keep postponing these situations. Many of us have good intentions of sharing our feelings, but taking the time to write them becomes time consuming, overwhelming, and rarely gets accomplished. Through Judy’s personal experience she has learned how valuable “words” become when a loved one is gone. As a published author she has the experience and compassion to help you accomplish these meaningful goals that will prevent guilt, regrets, and bring heartfelt memories to loved ones. Judy’s vision: to help you complete these intentions and get on with the joy of living! It becomes the gift that keeps giving.

Are you ready to get on with the joy of living? Call Judy 954-520-9485 or by email:

*Technique used for Past Life Regression

The Ro-Hun technique is a systematic & rapid acting energy process for personal growth & change. The Ro-Hun method works on the relationship between the individual & his or her energy field. It draws its theory base from quantum physics & the electromagnetic energy fields surrounding the physical, emotional, & spiritual bodies of each person.

*Disclaimer: Past life Regression is based on the 7 chakras and energy field that surrounds ones’ body. This is not psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, or psychiatry.